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Gustavo Best

Given the vast collection of messages from so many people who knew, loved and esteemed Gustavo and in view of the lack of any possibility of all of us getting together to bid our farewells to Gustavo on this, his final journey, Mariana, Natalia and I have decided to celebrate a life lived to the full through photos and maybe even videos and perhaps messages if anyone would like to post one.

Infinite thanks to all friends, colleagues and our widespread family as well as to Mariana and Natalia's wonderful friends and to everyone who has already sent such heartfelt messages telling us of the mark Gustavo left on their lives . . .

Of course, in the style of Gustavo, we invite you to put on music, to dance if you feel like it and to toast with a mimosa if where you happen to be it is time for breakfast, or with an aperitif if it is noon or to savour a digestif (or better still, a tequila!) if the evening is drawing in and, hopefully, enjoy with us some memories of Gustavo.

Maggie Best

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